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Craft a program that meets your business needs

Create Employee or VIP Programs

Rewardify empowers you to go beyond traditional customer loyalty programs by offering the ability to create specialized programs for employees or VIP customers. Recognize and reward the efforts of your team members with exclusive perks and incentives tailored to their role or performance. Similarly, elevate the experience for your VIP customers by offering them unique benefits and privileges that strengthen their loyalty and satisfaction. With Rewardify, you can easily set up and manage these specialized programs, fostering engagement and loyalty among key stakeholders in your business ecosystem.

Wholesale Programs

With Rewardify, effortlessly establish Wholesale programs featuring quantity-based discounts and maximum allowances. Streamline the management of bulk orders by setting up customized pricing tiers and maximum purchase limits, ensuring seamless transactions and enhanced satisfaction for wholesale customers.

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Apply Credit Flexibly

Rewardify offers the versatility to allow your customers to apply their credit either as a discount code, directly deducting from the subtotal, or as a form of payment, reducing the overall total. This flexibility ensures maximum convenience and satisfaction for your customers, tailored to your specific business needs.

Tailored Rewards

Rewardify enables precise reward distribution with a single store credit account for general use and multiple rebate accounts tied to specific product tags. Easily issue store credits or targeted rebates, optimizing engagement and driving sales with personalized rewards tailored to customer preferences and purchase behavior.

Tailored Brand Experience

With Rewardify's white label customizability, you have full control over shaping the customer experience to reflect your brand identity and meet your unique requirements. From colors and fonts to language support, personalize every aspect of the loyalty program to resonate with your brand values and aesthetics.

Smart Customer Notifications

Keep your customers engaged and informed with targeted notifications triggered by their purchase behavior and specific events. Whether it's a reward earned, a special promotion, or a reminder about expiring credits, Rewardify's notification system helps you stay connected with your audience in a timely and relevant manner.**

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Manage Credit Expiry

Take control of credit expiry with Rewardify's flexible settings. Set credits to expire based on customizable timeframes—whether it's days, weeks, months, or even years—ensuring compliance with local regulations while encouraging timely redemption and driving repeat purchases.

Insightful Reporting and Bulk Imports

Gain valuable insights into your loyalty program's performance with comprehensive reporting tools provided by Rewardify. Access key metrics and trends to inform strategic decisions and optimize your rewards strategy. Additionally, streamline credit balance adjustments by importing them in bulk as needed, ensuring seamless management of your loyalty program.

Compare Our Plans

For Shopify Online and Shopify POS

Feature Basic Professional Plus
New Customer Credit
Credit customers for creating an account
First Purchase Credit
Credit customers for their first purchase
Newsletter Subscriber Credit
Credit customers for maintaining a newsletter subscription
Shipping Credit
Credit customers for selecting a specific shipping option
Scheduled Credit
Credit customers on a recurring basis
Abandoned Cart Discounts
Target abandoned checkouts by minimum value with special discounts
New Account Customer Tagging
Automatically tag customers when they register a new account
Configure the Referral system based on unique email based referrals
Refer-A-Friend Credit
Credit "influencers" for the first purchase made by the customers they refer
Shopify Extensions
Configure Shopify Extensions and their integration with your Shopify Store
Birthday Credit
Credit customers on their birthday
Account Anniversary Credit
Credit customers based on when they created their account
Referral Credit
Credit "influencers" for every purchase made by the customers they refer
Shareable Discounts
Allow "influencers" to share a discount code to their network to facilitate referrals
Product Purchase Credit
Credit customers for purchasing specially tagged products
Order Purchase Credit
Credit customers based on order value
Campaign Spend Credit
Credit customers based on spend during a Campaign period
Lifetime Spend Credit
Credit customers during a Campaign period for their lifetime spend
New Customer Rebates
Provide a product rebate to customers for creating an account
- -
Newletter Subscriber Rebates
Provide a product rebate to customers for maintaining a subscription
- -
Product Purchase Rebates
Provide a product rebate to customers for purchasing specially tagged products
- -
Privileged Checkouts
VIP, Wholesale, Employee Pricing
- -
Rewardify API
Create custom applications and integrations with the Rewardify API
- -
Shopify POS
Track a custom Store-Credit Payment Type and provide access to Store Credit, Rebates, and Privileged Checkouts (based on your activated plan, unlimited devices)



Initial Setup
Contact us after installation to configure your customer experience
Interactions Per Month
Interactions are events such as a customer redeeming their credit, or when you give a customer credit, when a customer is issued credit, etc.

per 10,000
per month
per 25,000
per month
per 50,000
per month
**Email delivery (if required) is an additional $0.001 USD per email sent (or 1000 emails per $1.00 USD), with the first 1000 emails delivered at no charge. No additional charges for email delivery are applicable when using your own SendGrid or Mandrill account